Case Study – Residential Railway Memorabilia

Following an instruction to assist the beneficiaries of a three-bedroom house in Essex.

We met clients at the property, they had travelled over 200 miles to attend the meeting and were completely overwhelmed by the contents of their relations house.

Their relation had for many years collected Railway Memorabilia, and the result of this collection had filled the house, garage shed and garden.

A full inventory was completed as part of the probate valuation. We liaised with the beneficiaries so that it minimised their travelling back and forth.

Once agreed with the clients we put items into storage arranged auction collections and deliveries made appointments with estate agents and carried out security visits until the property was sold. All proceeds of the auctions were for the benefit of the estate.

The clients who were originally shocked and surprised by their inheritance, were content with our level of service which enabled them to see the collection auctioned and once the property had been cleared, we oversaw estate agents visits and continued to provide regular security visits until the property was sold.